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Syndic No.48


April 2022




 Letter from the Publisher

Welcome to Syndic No 48

Ukranian Poet Dymtro Chystiak,  a close personal friend  of  our own Syndic Poet, Bill Wolak, has reached out to Syndic Literary Journal asking for any assistance we can provide to bring attention to,  and  stop  the indiscriminate  around-the-clock of  Russian bombing Ukranian citizens designed to slaughter them to accept submission.

In 2022, who can believe that Russia’ s  Putin could be so corrupt and depraved that he would don the mantle  of Adolph Hitler to slaughter men, women and children on  his march to achieve whatever power he feels entitled to.

Truthfully, what can Syndic Literary Journal do  in the face of this pogrom? The only answer is we must do whatever we can, we cannot be passive,  sitting on the sidelines waiting for others to act.

For our part, Syndic Literary Journal has decided to honor the resistance and bravery of Ukranian Poet Dmytro Chystiak by publishing his poetry and hope that we can engage Poets around the world to speak out against these unspeakable tragedies that have befallen our Ukranian brothers and sisters.

We ask you please, please circulate Syndic No.48 as far and wide as you can possibly do so! As if your life depended upon it!

~ LeRoy Chatfield Publisher Syndic Literary Journal


Introduction (English)

Written and Narrated by Bill Wolak


Introduction (French)

Narrated by Emmanuel Merle


Introduction (Portuguese)

Narrated by Carlos Ramos


Introduction (Italian)

Narrated by Laura Garavaglia


Introduction  (Croatian)

Narrated by Dinko Telecan


Introduction (Spanish)

Narrated by Kristine Doll


Introduction  (German)

Narrated by Silvia Kofler


Introduction (Turkish)

Narrated by Yesim Agaoglu

Introduction (Dutch)

Narrated by Germain Droogenbroodt


Introduction (Chinese)

Narrated by Anna Keiko


Introduction (Romanian)

Narrated by Veronica Lungo


Introduction (Korean)

Narrated by Kooseul Kim


Introduction  (Azerbaijani)

Narrated by Mehmet Ismail

Introduction  (Bengali)

Narrated by Hassanal Abdullah

Introduction  (Hungarian)

Narrated by Attila F. Balaze


Introduction  (Persian)

Narrated by Mahmood Karimi  Hakak

Introduction (Japanese)

Narrated by Mariko Sumikura

Introduction  (Lithuanian)

Narrated by Vladas Braziunas

Introduction (Albanian)

Narrated by Jeton Kelmendi

Introduction  (Hebrew)

Narrated by Diti Ronen




Table of Contents


Already everywhere – farewell  . . . (Kristine Doll)


Farewell with Gardens  (Francis Poole)


Returning  (Philip Cioffari)


Living Land  (Bill Wolak)


We met in early Spring . . .  (Srinivas Reddy)


Your sharp clean smell of jasmine numbs me still . . . 

(Stanley H. Barkan)


First light will waken silence . . . ( John DeAngelo)


Day is breaking – like pure whispering of magnolias . . .

(Tina Seligman)


I carried evening lilac to you . . .  (Bill Wolak)


Ufenau Island  (Joan Digby)


A green cry in the azure . . .  (Stanley H. Barkan)


A dream does not last long . . .  (John DeAngelo)


Night in Venice  (Charles Rammelkamp)


Azure flows in echoes . . .   (Tony Dawson)


You know: just reach out your hand . . .  (Kristine Doll)


Evening Fly Past  (C.P. Price)


The garden run to seed flies off . . .   (Charles Rammelkamp


It is already Winter. So drink old wine . . .  (Srinivas Reddy)


Maydan’s Shoots  (Jami Proctor Xu)


I come to you – by golden waters . . . (Annie Hayden)


Translating Nasimi   (Sultan Catto)


White flashes in azure enter water deep  . . . (Joan Harrison)


From a Distance  (Tony Dawson)


Autumn Reflections   (Annie Hayden)


Garden Revisited   (Bill Wolak)


Dmytro  Chystiak ~ Short Bio

Dmytro Chystiak is a Ukrainian-speaking and French-speaking poet, short story writer, literary critic, university scholar, and journalist. He is Professor of Translation Studies at the National Taras Shevchenko Kyiv University.









Table of Contents

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