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A Brief History of Syndic Literary Journal

LeRoy Chatfield founded Syndic Literary Journal in San Francisco in 1958 while teaching High School English.  Five hard copy issues (1958-1960) were printed, each containing 16 pages.

In 2010, LeRoy Chatfield asked Web Tech Designer, Jennifer Szabo, to create an Internet platform and teach him how to publish his Syndic Literary Journal.

To date – August 2010- August 2022 –  50 Syndic issues have been published containing  a sum total of more than 2,000 literary chapters.

These   chapters contain poetry, artwork, songs, stories, commentary, narrations, essays, music performance, photography, one-act plays, etc. – all  created by authors/artists from throughout the world.

Syndic Literary Journal is a “labor of love” and contains no advertising. All costs have been born by the publisher, LeRoy Chatfield, and all tech support services have been provided pro-bono by Web Tech Designer, Jennifer Szabo.

Thank you for your interest in Syndic Literary Journal.

LeRoy Chatfield, Publisher


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Archive of Issues

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