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Syndic Literary Journal

Syndic No.50


May 2022


Syndic & Ukraine Ask For World Peace


. . . Not World War !


“Tell the Truth : The Evil on Earth”


Syndic Narrations

“The Art of the Spoken Word”


A Draft For Your Epitaph 

by Peter Thabit Jones (Wales)


The Passion of the Poet

by Julio Pavanetti  (Uruguay)


The Camp of Hearts

by Marius Chelaru (Romania)


Going Home

by Jim Gwyn (USA)


The War

by Santosh Kumar Pokharel (Nepal)


Ecaterina  Teodoroiu

by Daniela Andronache (Romania)


Oblivion Fields

by Gorka Lasa (Panama)


Make Peace, Not War

by Sultan Catto (USA)


In a Meadow of Dreams

By Irma Kurti (Albania/Italy)


Inside a Snow Globe

by Irma Kurti (Albania/Italy)


Zero Sum

by Silvia Kofler (USA)



Dirge for the Wartime Dead

by Frances Lombardi-Grahl (USA)




Compiled/Published by LeRoy Chatfield
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