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Syndic Literary Journal

Syndic No. 47


March 2022


“International Poets”


Compiled by Syndic Poets: Bill Wolak,

Kristine Doll & Jamie Proctor-Xu


Published by LeRoy Chatfield


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Letter from the Publisher


Living Land  ~Dmytro Chystiak (Kiev Ukraine)

I Carried Evening Lilac To You ~ Dmytro Chystiak

(Kiev Ukraine)

Downpour ~ Annabel Villar  (Uruguay)

A Weaver Bird of Light ~ Batullah Quaderee (Bangladesh)

Breeze  ~ Chen  Si’an  (China)

Eagles of the Himalayas  ~ Choi Dongho  (South Korea)

Image  ~ Chryssa Nikolakis  (Greece)

Beijing is Crying  ~  Cong Rong   (China)

In Memory of the White Staircase  ~Julio Pavanetti  (Uruguay)

Lost Alleys ~ Kim Kooseul  (South Korea)

Roots in the Air  ~ Milan Richter   (Slovakia)

Je me souvins  ~ Oscar Saavedra Villarroel  (Chile)

Amour Fou  ~ Pelin Batu   (Turkey)

A Violet River  ~  Ramanik Someshwar  (India)

Destiny  ~ Tasos Livaditis   (Greece)

Transit  ~  Annabel Villar   (Uruguay)

Her Body Turns Red  ~  Batullah Quaderee  (Bangladesh)

Moon  ~ Chen Si’an  (China)

The Old Man and the Horizon  ~  Choi Dongho  (South Korea)

Longing  ~ Chryssa Nikolakis  (Greece)

Subtraction  ~  Cong Rong   (China)

Under Suspicion  ~ Julio Pavanetti  (Uruguay)

Zero Degrees  ~ Kim Kooseul  (South Korea)

You Asked Her  ~  Milan Richter  (Slovakia)

The Dream of a Cinnamon-tree  ~ Oscar Saavedra Villarroel  (Chile)

Hand Made Histories  ~  Pelin Batu  (Turkey)

Blank Paper  ~  Ramanik Someshwar  (India)

Inevitable ~ Tasos Livaditis  (Greece)












Table of Contents

Compiled/Published by LeRoy Chatfield
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