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Evening Fly Past

Written by Dmytro Chystiak 

Translated from the Ukrainian by Hilary Sheers

Narrated by C. P. Price




Humble cottages, pale blue and white,

In the twilight of dusk still hum, still hum…

Yet nobody kindles a light.



Horses come to honey.

Drips will splash down for you

At night in meteorites.

Blue church grown shabbier,

Although it did flap with a white sail

Above the bustling afternoon …

Young ones come to honey.

The smell of incense

Is for the first time – lonely.

Wormwood has a bitter taste.

It bursts into flower at night

Into the dark eyes

Of an exhausted patron saint


Love-me-do-not-leave me.



A path in a green mist –

To the wells of evening.

They stay silent.

The light recedes.

Again no drop of yours.

Thirst and sadness.

Again you pass me by

Behind the horizon.

Do not leave me…

Visible far beyond the circle:

Snakes cry for snakes

Lost in the once green field.

Rejoice: night embraces

Everyone in the end,

A drab horizon veiled in mist

The innocent chalice too.

Light creeps in.

You return in others.

Crashing in

Wave after wave




Compiled/Published by LeRoy Chatfield
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