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A green cry in the azure . . .

Written by Dmytro Chystiak 

Translated from the Ukrainian by Hilary Sheers

Narrated by Stanley H. Barkan



A green cry in the azure.

White sails – at a distance.

Your lips are more astringent.

Your lips are more desperate.

A deluge of silent years

Over the veil of evening

Held – as if behind a tear.


A step – into a green abyss.

Drops have ceased to tremble.

In the fall of barren lights

There is no shelter – thunderstorms.


Seas and mountains will be still

On the stroke of midnight’s shore –

In union with you

The merciless will grow,

In the womb – not stone on stone –

Wound will be bathed by wound:

A cry in the night is green.






Compiled/Published by LeRoy Chatfield
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