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Ufenau Island

To Dmytro Drozdovskyi

Written by Dmytro Chystiak

Translated from the Ukrainian by Hilary Sheers

Narrated by Joan Digby


You sailed up – reeds responded,

But the way ahead – wading into evening,

At the bow (fierce blackthorn – ever higher)…

A shot. You look back. You have no words.

Blue unfolds as far as eye can see:

Beyond the azure there is settled snow,

A flash of blue-white wings…

Only again – a shot. Sour grapes.

That fine writing winds yet higher,

A white stone shrieks before the night

And will embrace you with an offering,

And a chapel will open by its own volition,

And you will fall, and look, and love:

A distant stone duplicates

A rider on a blue horse.

Above a serpent, water, freedom –

He kisses a cluster, as if it were an icon

And dawn breaks on the forehead.




Compiled/Published by LeRoy Chatfield
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