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Syndic Special Issue ~ “Election Day 2020” Cover

Syndic Special Issue


~ Election  Day 2020

A 24/7 Living Memorial to remember, to grieve, and to honor, the more than 230,000 Americans who have died from Covid-19. May they rest in peace and may we learn the lesson about how to preserve and protect our democracy.


Published by LeRoy Chatfield




Vote ~ Vote ~ Vote ~ Vote ~ Vote ~ Vote


Self-Portrait   by   Maryland Artist Susan Due Pearcy

DARK GEMINI  By Delaware Poet Francis Poole

Debate What   by   Albany Poet Stephen Mead

Cloud of Witness    by   Maryland Artist Susan Due Pearcy

Variations On The Polis V    by   New York Playwright  John Ladd

Bottoms Up    by   Palestinian Poet Rasha Mansour

EXIT POLL – 2020   by   New York Poet  J.H. Johns

Columbus Revisited   by   Maryland Artist Susan Due Pearcy

I Can’t Shun My MAGA Friends   by   Connecticut Writer Roger Netzer

Lives Lost ~ Breonna Taylor  by  Maryland Artist Susan Due Pearcy

Joe Qualey’s Watch    by   Baltimore County Poet Richard Baldwin Cook

Trump, After Presidential Debate   by    Colorado Poet  Robert Cooperman

Climate Depression  by  Oakland Poet Barbara Rhine

baseball, politics, rockandroll and ford pickups  by Oklahoma Writer Mark Bransdorfer

Melody  by  Albany Poet Stephen Mead

Freedom’s Frontliners  by  Monterey Bay Poet  Jennifer Lagier

Mike Pence And The Fly  by  Colorado Poet Robert Cooperman

The Fox  by  Long Island Poet Joan Digby

Two Pieces  by  Baltimore County Poet Richard Baldwin Cook

American People v. American History  by New York Poet J.H. Johns

Election Day 2020   ~  by Baltimore Poet Nitin Jagdish

Racism And My White Privilege  by  New York Poet Chris Brandt

America the Grateful   by  Chris Giovacchini

Healing  by  Maryland Artist Susan Due Pearcy


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Covid-19 Japan  ~  by Taki Yuriko  ~

Exclusive Report:  Syndic Literary Journal

Covid-19 Japan by Taki Yuriko ~ Japanese Version

Japanese Poet & Journalist, Taki Yuriko, is a longtime contributor to Syndic Literary Journal.

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