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Syndic Special Issue ~ Election Day 2020 “Election Day 2020 Jagdish”

Election Day 2020

By Baltimore Poet Nitin Jagdish


Everything, even timeless things, can

Be cancelled. Well, almost everything. 

Virtue and sin, joined at the skull, can

Never cancel each other.  Of thee I sing…


One day you will cheer on an open mic

Daredevil whose single property

Is to sing all songs so they sound alike.

Tact a virtue. Sweet land of liberty…


Soon you’ll become bored with his same old song. 

You’ll resent knowing you did something wrong.

Flip the open mic daredevil by his knee.

Rage a sin.  My country ‘tis of thee…


Note: While not directly referencing our current state of affairs (outside of its title), “Election Day” is, among other things, an elliptical call to vote the current President out of office, addressed to an imagined reader who voted for him (or least tolerated him) back in 2016. 

Compiled/Published by LeRoy Chatfield
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