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Trump, After the First Presidential Debate

Against Joe Biden

By Colorado Poet Robert Cooperman

Narration By Roger Netzer


Of course I won the debate,

even if Sleepy Joe and Cry Baby Wallace

were ganging up on me,

the way the media always do,

with their fake news.


But I ran rings around them both

like I was a kid again,

the toughest on my block.

I got so steamed when Wallace

dared insinuate about the Proud Boys,

when they’re heroes, patriots.


When I told them

“Stand down and stand by,”

my signal to keep the traitorous

Dems from stealing the vote,

like Cheating Hillary almost did,

but I won by the greatest majority

in history, you can look it up. 


November Third, I’ll be watching

on Fox as the returns roll in,

proud to see my Boys busting the heads

of anyone who tries to sneak in a vote

for Lazy, Crazy Joe and Horsey Harris,

who isn’t even American.


I love to watch my Boys march,

carrying torches, mowing down

anyone who gets in their way.

Four more years?  Hell, yeah!

Then four more, and four after that,

as many as it takes to make this country

great again. 



Compiled/Published by LeRoy Chatfield
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