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Mike Pence and the Fly at the Vice-President Debate

By Colorado Poet Robert Cooperman

Narrated by Roger Netzer


I used to think him just an average zhlub,

but now I can see through his bland disguise

he’s Satan’s right-hand-fiend, Beelzebub.


That fly atop his head, aye, there’s the rub:

the emblem of his buzzing, straight-faced lies:

the clue that he’s no ordinary Zhlub,


but a devil who has to scrub and scrub

and still can’t be rid of facts he denies

he’s Satan right-hand-fiend, Beelzebub.


Even if he were to soak in a tub,

he’d still be demon-dirty when he’d rise,

never, never just an average Zhlub.


He frowns, to hear Harris get to the nub,

and acts offended, appalled, and surprised.

But he’s just Satan’s tool, Beelzbub.


He traffics in vermin, roaches and grubs,

this reprehensible Lord of the Flies,

nothing like an average lying zhlub,

but Satan’s right-hand-fiend, Beelzebub.


Compiled/Published by LeRoy Chatfield
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