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Syndic Special Issue ~ Election Day 2020 “Grateful America”

America the Grateful

By Chris Giovacchini


In my America there would be no tweeting
Presidents, that would be left up to the birds.

There would be fact checking of all media
presentations, so skewed and erroneous
information could not lead people astray.

In my America there would be mandatory
transparency of those in public office, not
withholding of tax returns for bankrupt billionaires.

There would be no caging of children,
no scapegoating of people of color.

In my America “all men are created equal” would
not be a rhetorical phrase from the Declaration of
Independence, people would be treated that way.

The president would be an intelligent person, in
charge, respectful and courteous toward friends and foes,

With the best interests of the United States in mind,
while being deferential toward the concerns of others.

In my America one would speak softly with intelligent
forethought, rather than being a belligerent bully,
blaming those who beg to differ.

Decorum and etiquette of our leaders would be expected,
in order to set an example and precedent others could follow.
Scientific realities would trump personal conjecture.

In my America unification and homogenization would prevail
over divisive backbiting and empowerment of heinous factions.

Our natural resources would be preserved for posterity,
our wild lands would be protected, clean air and water
legislation would be cherished and upheld.

In My America, great would not mean hate, better would not
mean bitter, “toughly” would not mean a lack of sympathy,
“strongly” would mean heartfelt, rather than below the belt.




Compiled/Published by LeRoy Chatfield
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