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Syndic No.44 ~ International Poets



October 2021


International Poets


Compiled by Poet Bill Wolak

Published by LeRoy Chatfield


Table of Contents

Letter from the Publisher

“Paradise Lost”   ~  August Bover   ~  Spain

“Say to the Soul”  ~  Xiao Xiao  ~  China

“Now I Can Touch Your Name with my Breath”  ~  Laura Corraducci   ~  Italy

“Sorrow Trudges Along Beside Me”  ~  Ly Seppel   ~ Estonia

“Missing An Old Friend”   ~  Song Lin   ~  China

“I Am a Tiger in a Cage With  Polar Bears”  ~   Konstantinos Bouras   ~  Greece

“Scourer”   ~ Dolors Miquel  Abella   ~ Spain

“Autumn Trees  ~  Xiao Xiao  ~  China

“Human Injustice”   ~  Vyacheslav  Kupriyanov  ~  Russia

“Salt”   ~  Gorka Lasa   ~  Panama

(Mistake)”   ~   Luca Benassi   ~  Italy

“Sacred Destiny”   ~   Mehmet Ismail   ~  Azerbaijan

Chrysanthemums on the Sea   ~  Song Lin   ~  China

“Man in the Cafe”    ~ Tomasz Marek Sobieraj   ~ Poland

“Between Skin and Glove”   ~  August Bover    ~   Spain

Cosmically Exhausted   ~  Gorka Lasa  ~  Panama

“Long-Ago Life Shimmers Through”   ~   Ly Seppel   ~  Estonia

“The Universe”   ~  Konstantinos Bouras   ~  Greece

“The Pink Plastic Glove”   ~  Dolors Miquel Abella   ~  Spain

“You Mix Your Voice with the Fog Tonight”   ~  Laura Corraducci   ~  Italy

“(Salmon)”    ~  Luca Benassi    ~  Italy

“Golden-Hearted Man”    ~  Vyacheslav Kupriyanov    ~  Russia

“Two Humans”   ~  Mehmet Ismail     ~   Azerbaijan

“People Without Eyelids”    ~    Tomasz  Sobieraj    ~  Poland


Table of Contents

Compiled/Published by LeRoy Chatfield
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