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Cosmically Exhausted

Written by Gorka Lasa

Translated from the Spanish by the poet

Narrated by Bill Wolak


Exhausted from wandering the route of the cyclic night

timeless horizon which expands in endless swirls

eternity which awaits holding the illusory self.


Impossible duality

formless generator of fire storms

solar wind which wears off the barriers of my soul.


Exhausted from the vision which slowly fades away

dense fog of death over the square and its sphere.


Tears of blood germinate eternal poems in my hands

destined to get lost in the human abyss of indifference.


Deeply exhausted

my thoughts draw the shape of the essence

I walk lifelessly to the non-existent memory

again, wandering on the axis of the naught.


Recurrent, sullen, moody.

I won’t come back in the old dormant way

Cosmically exhausted.


Gorka Lasa was born in Panama in 1972. He is a poet, writer, and visual artist who has published six books. His literary work has been included in numerous anthologies, specialized magazines, and internet sites in Latin America and Europe. Mr. Lasa has juried in many poetry contests, received awards and honorific mentions, and has been invited to present his poetic work in


Compiled/Published by LeRoy Chatfield
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