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Welcome to Syndic No.44 ~ International Poets.

Thanks to the global outreach of New Jersey Poet Bill Wolak – along with the assistance of Massachusetts Poet Kristine Doll and China Poet Jami Proctor Xu – Syndic No. 44 showcases 12 new International poets.

To date – thanks to the initiative of our own Syndic poets –  we have now published the work of 36 poets from: Spain, Estonia, Panama, Italy, Russia, Azerbaijan, Portugal, Turkey, Belgium, Romania, Poland, Greece, Germany,  Croatia, Iran, Bulgaria, Hungary, Kosovo and France

Yes, I an well aware  these are very tiny steps – long overdue –  taken by Syndic Literary Journal, but I believe they are important first steps because they  remind us again, especially during this  devastating Covid Pandemic that has enveloped our planet and already caused the deaths of more than 4.8 million people, that regardless of nationality, religion, language spoken, geography, system of government, economic status or skin color,  we all bound together as The Family of Man.

~ LeRoy Chatfield, Publisher




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