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Syndic Literary Journal



International Edition No.2


August 2021


Compiled/Published by LeRoy Chatfield


Table of Contents

Letter from the Publisher

Poem ~ “Grammatical Exercise”  ~ Nuno Judice  (Portugal)

Poem  ~ “I’ve Learned Some Things”  ~ Ataol Behramoglu  (Turkey)

Poem  ~  “If I Were a Star”   ~  Anna Keiko  (China)

Poem  ~  “Eagle”  ~  Germain Droogenbroodt  (Belgium)

Poem  ~ “Advice On Deluding the Darkness”  ~  Daniel Corbu  (Romania)

Poem  ~  “From Wind and Navigator”  ~ Maria Mistrioti  (Greece)

Poem  ~  “Never”  ~ Teresa d’Arenys  (Spain)

Poem ~ “Worldwide Silence ”  ~ Andres Ehin (Estonia)

Poem ~ “Amaranth”  ~ Dinko Telecan (Croatia)

Poem  ~ “Stones From Central Park”  ~ Dariusz Lebioda  (Poland)

Poem ~ “At Night Inside”  ~ Roxana llie   (Romania)

Poem  ~ “Prayed In His Own Language”  ~ Vladas Braziunas  (Lithuania)

Poem  ~ “Departure”  ~ Dirk Becker  (Germany)

Poem ~ “Variation on Roses”  ~ Nuno Judice  (Portugal)

Poem  ~  “It Was Paris”  ~  Ataol Behramoglu  (Turkey)

Poem  ~ “Waiting for the Bus”  ~ Anna Keiko   (China)

Poem  ~ “Peaceful Morning in the Himalayas”  ~ Germain DroogenBroodt  (Belgium)

Poem ~ “In Sad, Old Europe”  ~ Daniel Corbu  (Romania)

Poem  ~ “For the Night Is Close”  ~  Maria Mistrioti  (Greece)

Poem  ~  “This”   ~  Teresa d’Arenys  (Spain)

Poem  ~ “Nestless Birds”  ~ Andres Ehin  (Estonia)

Poem  ~  “Maplewood for Stradivari”  Dinko Telecan  (Croatia)

Poem  ~  “Red Tram”  ~  Dariusz  Lebioda  (Poland)

Poem  ~  “The Taste Snake”  ~  Roxana llie   (Romania)

Poem  ~ “Manuscript”  ~ Vladas Braziunas  (Lithuania)

Poem ~ “In Your Eyes”  ~ Dirk Becker  (Germany)

Artwork  ~ “Degas”   ~  Zolton Molnos  (Romania)

Artwork  ~ “Song”  ~ Zolton Molnos   (Romania)

Video  ~ “At the Service of Lovers and Wine”  ~ Hafez  (Iran)



Table of Contents

Compiled/Published by LeRoy Chatfield
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