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Syndic Literary Journal



Poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti


1919 ~ 2021


Memorial Supplement ~ 60 Narrations


Compiled/Published by LeRoy Chatfield


Syndic No.41 ~ Table of Contents


Letter from the Publisher 

“A Dark Portrait” ~ (Bill Wolak)

“After the Cries of the Birds”  ~ (Bill Wolak)

“Alienation – Two Bees” ~  (Betsy Miller)

“An Elegy To Dispel Gloom” ~   (Gary Beck)

“An Imaginary Happening, London”  ~ (Tony Dawson)

“And She Like a Young Year . . .” ~   (Dov Rose )

“And the Arabs Ask Terrible Questions” ~  (Kristine Doll)

“At Sea” ~  (Bill Wolak)

“At the Gare Bruselles-Midi” ~  (Bill Wolak)

“Café Notre Dame” ~ (Kristine Doll)

“Christ Climbed Down” ~ (Roger Netzer)

“Come Lie With Me” ~ (Kristine Doll)

“Deep Chess” ~  (Nitin Jagdish)

“Deflowering” ~  (Bill Wolak)

“Dragon’s Teeth” ~ (Tony Dawson)

“Elegy On the Death of Kenneth Patchen” ~ (Dov Rose)

“Euphoria” ~ (Tony Dawson)

“Firenze, A Lifetime Later” ~ ( Kristine Doll)

“Fortune”  ~ (Stanley H. Barkan)

“He With the Beating Wings”~ (Dov Rose)

“Heaven” ~  (Tony Dawson)

“In Woods Where Many Rivers Run” ~ (Jennifer Lagier)

“John Lennon in the Porto Santo Stefano” ~  (Bill Wolak)

“Love Nut”  ~ (Charles Rammelkamp)

“Making Love in Poetry” ~ (Bill Wolak)

“Mock Confessional” ~ (Bill Wolak)

“New York – Albany” ~  (Francis Poole)

“O / Heart” ~  (Kristine Doll)

“Oh You Gatherer” ~ (Clarinda Harriss)

“One Of These Days”  ~ (Charles Rammelkamp

“Poem For Old Walt” ~ (Roger Netzer) 

“Reading Yeats I Do Not Think” ~ (Stanley Barkan)

“Rough Song of Animals Dying” ~ (Francis Poole)

“San Jose Symphony Reception” ~ (Bill Wolak)

“Sandinista Avioncitos” ~ (Gerardo Vazquez)

“See/It Was Like This” ~ (Jennifer Lagier)

“South of the Border”  ~ (Nitin Jagdish)

“Spirit of the Crusades” ~ (Tony Dawson)

“That Fellow On The Boattrain Who Insisted . . .” 

~ (Tony Dawson)

“The Astonished Heart” ~ (Bill Wolak)

“The General Song of Humanity”  ~ (Tony Dawson)

“The Great Chinese Dragon” ~  (Roger Netzer)

“The Green Street Mortuary Marching Band” 

~ (Charles Rammelkamp)

“The Man Who Rode Away” ~  (Charles Rammelkamp)

“The Old Italians Dying”  ~ (Dov Rose)

“The Old Sailors” ~ (Bill Wolak)

“The Poet’s Eye Obscenely Seeing”  

~ (Charles Rammelkamp)

“The Photo of Emily” ~ (Bill Wolak) 

“The Rebels”  ~ ( Nitin Jagdish) 

The Sea Is Calm Tonight” ~ (Betsy Miller)

“Third World Calling”  ~ (Jennifer Lagier)

“Trump’s Trojan Horse”   ~ (Gerardo Vazquez)

“True Confessional”  ~  (Kristine Doll)

“Two Amsterdams”  ~ (Bill Wolak)

“Uses of Poetry” ~  (Stanley Barkan)

“What Could She Say To The Fantastic Fooly Bear . . .”

~ (Nitin Jagdish)

“What is Poetry?”  ~  (Clarinda Harriss)

“Where Many Rivers Run” ~  (Jennifer Lagier)

“With Beckett” ~  (Sylvie Faisant)

“With Bells For Hooves In Sounding Streets . . .”

~ (Bill Wolak)

“Seas and Shores” ~ (Lawrence Ferlinghetti)

Table of Contents

Compiled/Published by LeRoy Chatfield
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