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Narrated by Stanley H. Barkan

New York

                                            has its cookies to give out

which is a good thing

                                     since it’s been a long time since

                that summer in Brooklyn
         when they closed off the street
                         one hot day
                            and the


                                                                                   turned on their hoses

                and all the kids ran out in it

                                in the middle of the street

                         and there were

                                                maybe a couple dozen of us

                                                                                          out there

with the water squirting up
                                                 to the


                                                                       and all over

there was maybe only six of us
                                                    kids altogether
      running around in our
                                              barefeet and birthday
                   and I remember Molly but then

      the firemen stopped squirting their hoses
                   all of a sudden and went
                                 back in
                           their firehouse
                started playing pinochle again
                             just as if nothing
                                    had ever
while I remember Molly
                                        looked at me and

         ran in

because I guess really we were the only ones there



Compiled/Published by LeRoy Chatfield
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