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Ferlinghetti Memorial Supplement ~ Letter from the Publisher

Letter From The Publisher

Welcome to Syndic No.41 ~ Ferlinghetti Memorial Supplement.

In a previous lifetime – yes, well more than a half-century ago – I was a young senior high school English teacher and so without  hesitation or reluctance I make this prediction:

 Someday in the not-too-distant future, another senior high school teacher is going to discover Syndics’  No.41  &  No.39 that taken together contain 115 narrations of poems written by San Francisco poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti (1919 – 2021) and that teacher is going to rejoice and thank her/his lucky stars!

Finally, poetry that young women and men will relate to, enjoy, understand and appreciate   ~   OMG, it’s narrated too!

A veritable online literary goldmine available 24/7.

No, please don’t thank me, let’s thank the narrators who practiced “the art of the spoken word” and brought these poems to life by interpreting them with  feeling and emotion.

I am indebted to: Betsy Miller; Bill Wolak; Charles Rammelkamp; Clarinda Harriss; Dov Rose; Francis Poole; Gary Beck; Gerardo Vazquez; Jennifer Lagier; Kristine Doll; Nitin Jagdish; Roger Netzer; Stanley Barkan; Sylvie Faisant; Tony Dawson; Dorritt Carroll; Francine Witte; Helen Bar-Lev; Jim Gwyn; Katie Touhy;  Lidia Chiarelli and Chris Giovacchini .

Ah, to be young again . . . and a senior high school English teacher!


LeRoy Chatfield

Publisher, Syndic Literary Journal



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