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Colorado Poet ~ Robert Cooperman


The Second American Civil War

By Colorado Poet  Robert Cooperman

Narration By Connecticut  Poet Roger Netzer

Published  By LeRoy Chatfield ~ Syndic Literary Journal



Please meet Robert Cooperman, a Colorado poet who has been writing about the The Second American Civil War since 2013 and whose work has been published in Syndic Literary Journal since 2017.

Like you, I did not realize there was a Second American Civil War being waged in the United States until I began to publish Cooperman’s poems.  At first, I thought “this is a little crazy-sounding” but with every passing month – especially after Trump used  his anti-Obama birther conspiracy movement to try and undermine the legitimacy of a duly elected president   – who just happened to be an African American – I realized that Cooperman was not just a poet but was in fact, an American prophet.  

I have come to appreciate that poets like Robert Cooperman are able to foresee  – or at least to sense –  what lies ahead in the future and give early warning to the rest of us. At first it might seem  Cooperman’s poems are far fetched  but had we been paying attention we wouldn’t have been caught off guard and elected a Fascist, like Trump,  who had already begun  to undermine and trash  our 244 year-old Democracy with his birther conspiracy thereby promoting The Second American Civil War.

Had we been paying attention to Cooperman’s prophecy, more than 320,000 Americans might not have perished under the know-nothing/do-nothing failed leadership of our so-called Commander In Chief.

Had we been paying attention, we could have foreseen Trump’s promoting and legitimizing  the Proud Boys Militia when he ordered them on national television  to  “Stand back and Stand by” and to the Wolverine Watchmen Militia when he tweeted them to  “Liberate Michigan”!

I readily admit  I am not one to read much poetry, no doubt because I find it difficult to understand, but the poetry of  Cooperman is the exception – well written, easy to read, insightful and it packs a punch!

Like most prophets, poet Robert Cooperman has been a voice crying  in the wilderness waiting to be heard but I predict his time has come ~ his voice will be heard!

Prophet and Colorado Poet Robert Cooperman will be honored in his own country.

~ Syndic Literary Journal Publisher LeRoy Chatfield




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