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Colorado Poet Robert Cooperman ~ “A Member of the Neo-Liberty Boys”

A Member of the Neo-Liberty Boys

Tries Something Horrifying:

The Second American Civil War


By Colorado Poet Robert Cooperman

Narration By Roger Netzer


Who’d think those faggot lefties

had so much fight left after we beat their butts

at the Second Battle of Gettysburg,

to make up for our loss under Lee and Pickett.

But they crept up to our un-sentineled camp

while we celebrated, thinking the war over,

and they’d surrender, so we could butcher them

at our leisure: no good to let them live,

even as slaves in the America we’re building.


They slit throats like we were nothing but chickens.

Lucky I was sleeping it off in an armored vehicle,

and drove away to warn the rest of our army.  

But those Society for Progressive Change boys

got a big dose of tonic from that raid,

and started a string of victories in the field

that shoved us back into our own territory,

threatening the war we should’ve won.


Now it’s up to me to change momentum;

this arm’s dealer assures me the device

will work easy as a Jeopardy! switch.

We’ll see who’s willing to do what it takes

to win this war for the soul of our great nation

our enemies would hand over to Islamofascists,

Jews, minorities, illegals, and science-liars,

and have us jabbering in babel tongues.


All I got to figure is how to get close enough

to those lefty cowards to blow ‘em to the Hell

they deserve to rot in, while I rise to Heaven

and cheer our armies rolling them into the sea.






Compiled/Published by LeRoy Chatfield
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