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Colorado Poet Robert Cooperman ~ “Governor McCann of the Great State of . . . “

Governor McCann of the Great State of . . .

Justifies the Murder of a Little Boy:

The Second American Civil War


By Colorado Poet Robert Cooperman

Narration By Roger Netzer


You think I wanted to kill that kid?

Five years old and almost as cute

as Baby Jesus.  But his old man—

a leader of Society for Progressive

Change—left me no choice: issued

a statement that they’d never surrender

for the good of our Christian country.


I had to act, or look weak.  So the war

continues until we wipe them out.

Who thought they’d give us so much fight:

liberals, Jews, blacks, and illegals,

and before this war started, terrified

to look at a gun, let alone fire one.


But they have, and more accurate than

I’d have given them credit for.  So now,

I’m taking heat on two fronts: from snipers,

IEDs, car bombs, and sneak attacks;

and from biddies who’d donated their last

cookie jar dollars to our righteous cause,

but now are calling me a child murderer,

as if I’d blasted away at that little boy. 


I delegated that hard necessity

to a state trooper whose loyalty I trusted:

getting his brother off meth cooking charges,

and giving his toothless white trash daddy

a job that involved collecting a pay check

and whittling on his front porch all day.


Worst, my mistress refuses to invite me

into the little love nest I set up for her,

from state coffers.  I bet she’s not alone.

And that brat stands by my bed at night,

stares like he knows how best to get at me.









Compiled/Published by LeRoy Chatfield
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