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Colorado Poet Robert Cooperman ~ “Ted Minatary, Given the Armageddon Order”

Ted Minatary, Given the Armageddon Order:

The Second American Civil War

By Colorado Poet Robert Cooperman

Narration By Roger Netzer


It was harder than we expected

to take Iron Mountain, thinking

the armed services were behind us

more solidly than a mile high wall

to keep illegals out forever.


But they fought to the last man,

against overwhelming force,

and our mission righteous as Joshua’s.

But when I looked at one corpse,

I saw a kid, sandy haired, freckles

like Archie, in the old comic books.


Now, our leader gives me the signal

to launch, enough firepower to rain

Jesus’ wrath on the whole country.


“With all the dirty bombs,” I hesitate,

“us and them have set off, the country’s

paralyzed as an old guy in a wheelchair,

his attendant buffing designer nails,

while the geezer pisses himself.

Besides, we’ll hit our own people too.”


“Do it!” he thunders.  “You’re a soldier

of the right; evil must be crushed!”


I take a deep breath, pray that Jesus

will forgive me, enter the codes,

and press the buttons: we’re so far

underground I can’t hear the rockets

roaring at their American targets.







Compiled/Published by LeRoy Chatfield
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