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by LeRoy Chatfield

The Book of Sharks

Counting Sheep

Cesar Chavez National Holiday

More Than A Sports Story

Thank You! God Bless You!

Do You Need Help? Are You OK?

11 Koi, Or Is It 12?

Women’s Wisdom ~1

What Does Wine Taste Like?

In Memoriam ~ Rev. John V. Moore

Thank You, Jesus

More Than A Story About Ammon Hennacy

Jimmy & Rosalynn Carter, Parents

Don Edwards, Class of 1952

Cesar Says

The UnChristian Brothers

The Roots of our Nation’s Social Injustice

Cesar Chavez Was Called

A Dope Fiend, But Not A Liar

Gene Is Dead

Camino de Santiago

David, My Homeless Mentor

Sexual Relations

Grandma & Spufendiker

I Want To Shake Your Hand

Father Marcial Maciel

Colusa Good Friday 1947

Manly Work

Dalton’s Cadillac

Do You Want To See Your Stone?

Greg’s Inheritance

The Criminal Justice System

Living In The Past

Arena Money Used For The Poor


Well, What Did You Learn From Cesar 1993?

The Power of Turkey

The Golden Age of Baseball

Why Shouldn’t I Be Difficult?

The Jesus Of Nazareth

Brother Thomas Levi

Consensual Sex In The Priesthood

Meeting Cesar Chavez 1963

52 Years of Dog

Dear Dad

IN The World, Not OF The World

2008 Weeks

What Matters Most

If Slavery Is Not Wrong, Nothing Is Wrong

Irwin DeShetler’s View Of Contract Language

Pandemic Death

My Virus Blues

12 Honorific Papal Titles + 1

Dad’s Work Career

My Religious Vocation

Religious & Academic Entitlement

Letter To Santa Claus

Thank You, Betsy Goldman

I’ll Be Damned!

Like Father, Like Son

Chiquita Banana


Old Age

A Change of Life 1965

Brother Misfit

Coffee & Me



I Lost My Father

Email Death

Wentworth Chalkboard Art Messaging

41 Days Today

How Did Cesar Do It?

Good Dog, Clyde

Watching and Waiting

The Wrong Door

Long-Distance Feedback

Sacramento Solons


Harville Live

Chiming Clocks

Aspirin On My Mind

Assemblyman John Burton Speaks To Tiny 1966

The Piano  Man ~ A True Story


Funeral Arrangements

Truman Days

A Boycott Story

Local Government Corruption

Eulogy For Sister Maria Fitzgerald

The True Believer

Chewing Up And Spitting Out Volunteers

Long Time, No See

Legislation Vs. Movement

Writing For My Grandchildren

Social Movements And Most People

From Colusa

Observe, Judge, Act

William Land Park ~ Park or Parking Lot

Organizing A Grassroots Campaign

A Turning Point

Jimmy Herman, San Francisco Waterfront 1966

Protestants, Not Catholics

The Obituary Page

You Should Write A Book

Loaves & Fishes 25th Anniversary

Helen Chavez ~ A Tribute

Twenty Years Of Food

The Perfect Dining Room Table

Management Maxims Of LeRoy Chatfield


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