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My Virus Blues

By LeRoy Chatfield

I’ll tell you right now, first thing!  There is nothing like a very hot shower, a close smooth shave, and a straight up Martini (Fords Gin) with a lemon twist  to pick you up after a day of hand -to- hand combat with an invisible assassin –  the Coronavirus!

I’ll be honest  with you, I have been dragging this past week – shelter in place; wear mask/don’t wear mask; six feet social distancing; shop/don’t shop; take a walk/don’t take a walk; my cough? symptom/no symptom; take chance/don’t take chance slipping into LaBou to stock up on their large size peanut butter cookies. You know what I’m talking about?

Today,   Friday, April 10, 2020 is my 28th day of virus  lock down and I have a bad, bad case of the Virus Blues!

I feel equal parts depressed, vulnerable, trapped and sorry for myself because I know I have been  singled  out and targeted by this invisible virus simply because being still   alive at 85-years of age I am easy to cull.

My friend advises me – LeRoy, just turn off your TV – don’t even watch Rachel Maddow.  You will forget all about  this pandemic stuff and will feel better. I was like you but I  stopped watching TV a couple of weeks ago and  have found some great movies to watch. It’s a good way to pass the time. Just turn off your TV, OK?

OK, I thought about it! Don’t watch Rachel?   Why on earth would I choose to do that?  I  barely watch any TV as it is – in fact my classical music plays on the Boston station 10 hours a day –  but I always watch Rachel Maddow, and by damn. if I want to watch Rachel, I will watch her, virus or no virus!  Besides, she is not to blame for my Virus Blues, if I need to blame someone, I choose to blame Trump!  He deserves it!  But I don’t blame him either.  No! I have very old fashioned thinking –  the buck stops here – with me! I take responsibility for falling into a funk and I take responsibility finding a way out.

Let me count my blessings: my wife of 54-years is in good health and busier than ever;  my five daughters and sons-in-law are all in good health and gainfully employed;  my 10 grandchildren are all in good health, either employed or in school; and my 10-year old faithful dog, Fergus, still wants to walk his three daily miles with me.

I should be down in the dumps and feel sorry for myself? Spare me!  I ought to know better, and I do!

My Easter Sunday Prayer

Mother Almighty ~ Please protect my family, friends, neighbors, colleagues and most especially

my long suffering readers of Easy Essays.

Please protect all our cherished and faithful pets. ~ Amen

p.s. if you please, a small favor to ask,  please spare me the ventilator death.

pps. I forgot ~ please protect Rachel.

Amen, again!







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