Thursday 2nd December 2021
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Syndic No. 45

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Current issue:
Syndic No. 45
November 2021
Featuring online multimedia presentations of talented authors/artists at home and abroad.

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A Brief History of Syndic Literary Journal
LeRoy Chatfield – then known as Brother Gilbert –  founded  Syndic in San Francisco. California and published it 1958-1960. Fifty years later in 2010, Chatfield revived his Syndic Literary Journal and publishes it online at:


LeRoy Chatfield is an online publisher. His publications include: “Syndic Literary Journal”;  “Easy Essays“;  “Don Edwards Literary Memorial“;  &  “Farmworker Movement Documentation Project“.


Syndic Literary Journal is a labor of love without payroll.  Donations help the publisher pay for tech costs, hosting fees and out-of-pocket expenses.

Note from the Publisher

Syndic Literary Journal is now open for literary submissions that will be published in the Fall  of 2021. Space will be limited; early submissions are encouraged.

Submission formats: ~ Written word in Word.doc only (Not pdf format) ♦  Narrations/Music in Mp3 format (or similar) ♦ Photos in . jpg format  ♦

Poetry submissions  need to be narrated.

Please send submissions to: [email protected]



To contact the publisher, please use the online form available at the bottom of every page of Syndic Literary Journal.

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Current issue:
Syndic No. 45
November 2021
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