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Syndic Library Narrations ~ Poet John Digby

Celebrating Poet John Digby


Welcome & Introduction by Poet Bill Wolak

From the Passage of Time  ~ Narrated by Poet Joan Digby

I Want it to Rain  ~ Narrated by Poet Bill Wolak

She Tells Me  ~  Narrated by Poet Stanley H. Barkan

Where All is Silent  ~ Narrated by Poet John DeAngelo

Nine Days’ Wonder  ~ Narrated by  Poet Francis Poole

As She Was Combing Her Hair  ~ Narrated by Artist Joan Harrison

Daughter of Lightning  ~  Narrated by Poet Barry Fruchter

Yesterday’s Smallest Hour  ~  Narrated by Poet Tony Curtis

Night Song   ~   Narrated by Artist Tina Seligman

Before the Sun She Sings  ~  Narrated by Poet Cheryl  Pallant

Merlin Talking to Himself  ~  Narrated by Poet Kristine Doll

You Were Not There  ~  Narrated by Poet Karen Holmberg

Voices from the Cathedral of Memory   ~ Narrated by Poet Jami Proctor-Xu

Sailing Away from Night   ~  Narrated by Friend Jeffrey Portnoy

While We Howl Like Wolves at the Gates of Paradise  ~  Narrated by Poet Charles Rammelkamp

Les Mots Pour Rides   ~ Narrated by Poet Tony Dawson

Legend of the Lost Woman  ~  Narrated by Fiction Writer Dennis Pahl

Out of My Head Stalks  ~  Narrated by Poet David Mills


Syndic Narrations ~ The Art of the Spoken Word

Published by LeRoy Chatfield

For more information concerning John Digby,
please click the interview below which was first published in Empty Mirror:
“Screaming To Escape From All Limitations: An Interview with John Digby”




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