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Poetry & Reading by Anna Maria Mickiewicz

Poetry: The Written & Spoken Word

by Anna Maria Mickiewicz

Anna Maria Mickiewicz / Photo by Adam Obuchowicz


Courage is needed
to withstand
earth’s gravity
Courage is needed
to get up in the morning                         PLAY > ” SHOPPING”
a smile on your face
Courage is needed
to go out on the street
and count the paving stones
To plod on uphill
with a string bag of worries
and doubts


“I talk”

just to you
I talk
to all of you
My language
is not the same
Playfully coarse words
The language of
The language
of verse



I meet people
I observe their shoes.
They say a lot.                                    PLAY > “SHOES”

There are quiet shoes,
Heavily worn shoes,

They have nothing to do with the wealth of the wearer.
They are like a sphere of comfort
or rather the limit.

We choose something that has been through many miles
Just as we choose our own quiet way

Of passing on
Of passing through life
Of walking into the sunset

But never again to the sunrise.


“An Angel in London”


I have seen a Polish angel
He was selling carrots, tomatoes and strawberries
A bright face
Surrounded by whiteness
But only his wing was a bit chipped
He lifted his pale eyelids
Lost in languages
He was stammering…
I dropped my head
How can it be…
So young
A Polish Nike lost in London


“Chopin in Manchester”

He did not like the smog
He did not like the damp English weather
Or overcrowded Manchester

Standing at the lake in Prestwich                                    PLAY > “CHOPIN IN MANCHESTER”
I can feel his longing
Far away from home

Music is dripping like rain from his thin fingers rapidly
In the Gentlemen’s Concert Hall

His statue is silent in Manchester
A frail figure
Is it longing for music or for the homeland?

Until later
Other fingers of another musician
In exile

Ryszard Bakst is playing Chopin

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