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Poetry by Maurus Young


by Maurus Young




                           Perplexity                                                                                            疑 惑



The feeling of landing in Taipei Airport is really good                        飛機在台北機場降落的感覺真好

Because I have come back to my homeland of boyhood                     因為我又重返青少年成長的老家

Unfortunately, people there treat me as a foreigner                           可是,這一趟我竟被認作外省人


The feeling of landing in Beijing Airport is really good                        飛機在武漢機場降落的感覺真好

Because I have returned to my birth place                                           因為我已回歸七十年前的出生地

Unfortunately, in the eyes of the old folks I am a Taiwanese             可是,在鄉親們的眼裡我是台胞


The feeling of landing in Paris Airport in truly good                            飛機在巴黎機場降落的感覺真好

Because I have arrived in my apartment on the Seine                        因為我已回到塞納河畔自己的家

All my French neighbors know that I am Chinese                                這兒,法國佬都知道我是中國人


I don’t care the way they treat me                                                           不要管他們叫我外省人

As a foreigner, or a Taiwanese                                                                   不去理他們呼我是台胞

I am a Chinese residing in Paris                                                                  我是住在巴黎的中國人


I am traveling free in the three cities                                                          三地任我行走

And enjoying my liberty                                                                                 我有我的自由

Who says I am homesick                                                                                誰說我有鄉愁




She, Me, Birds                                                                                    她, 我, 鳥


A sea gull                                                                               一隻海鷗

Flew over my head                                                                               從我頭頂飛過

He gave me a look, and                                                                        牠看了我一眼

Flew towards the high sea                                                                   飛向遼闊的海洋


In my eyes                                                                                               牠在我眼中

He is a bird, one of the sea gulls                                                       是一隻鳥, 眾鷗之一

While in his eyes                                                                                      而我在牠眼中

I am a man, one of the human beings, perhaps                           或許是一個人, 眾人之一


Another sea gull                                                                                         又一隻海鷗

Flew over her head                                                                                    從她的頭頂飛過

Opening his wings                                                                                        以優美的滑姿

Gliding gracefully over her head                                                          展翅掠過她的頭頂


She says to me                                                                                                她對我說

She wishes to be a sea gull in her next life                                           下輩子要作一隻海鷗

She wants to fly                                                                                               她是要飛的

Flying high, faraway, gracefully                                                             飛得高, 飛得遠, 飛得美


I say to her                                                                                                        我對她說

I also wish to be a sea gull in my next life                                             下輩子也作一隻海鷗

Together with her, gliding into the blue sky and the ocean           跟她比翼, 飛向藍天, 飛向大海

Of course, a male one                                                                                       而且還是作一隻雄的


Authors/Artists Bios

Dr. Maurus Young has served as president of the U.S. World Academy of Arts and Culture and the World Congress of Poets since 2008. Born 1933 in Wuhan China and now living in Paris, Dr. Young is a poet, writer, journalist, and historian who has published nineteen books, including seven books of poetry.


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