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Poetry & Photographs by Dariusz Pacak

Poetry & Photographs

by Dariusz Pacak




So, don’t ask me, i f I w i l l b e b a c k ?
So, don’t ask me, w h e r e I w i l l f i n d m y s h e l t e r ?

Czy podam się o amnestię?
Cyprian Kamil Norwid

Dariusz Pacak


You’d better not forget
in the midst of lupins & stars
your way home learn to pick out
among phosphorescent lights
the glow of windows at dusk
in the silence catch the music
of sparks from the kitchen stove
cherish the image of the one
forever waiting in the doorway

For when you’re stranded
between motorways & clouds
in journey for the Golden Fleece
when your wings carry you eagerly
towards the Sun
there will be no turning back
rainbow bridges will burn
the smell of mother’s bread
will be gone
the map of the past
will fade a burn-out
candle won’t give light
to help you find
but a rung of the ladder
you have climbed
so far

I see
the glare of the Milky Way
a dazzling runway
on a mission for Liberation

May 14, 2000 Zaiana (Italy) / February 26, 2001 Vienna

(awarded on the XIX World Congress of Poets UPLI, Tai-an, China 2005)

Translated from Polish by Stuart Craig McKinlay and Ryszard Rasiński


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