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Written by Popi Aroniada

Translated from the Greek by Katerina Angelaki Rooke

Narrated by Bill Wolak


. . . the sun-drenched

days of winter

the blind

climb up to the roofs

collect the rays

one by one in their pockets

and only then start



for a virgin mother

to enter her womb

through her eyes

to be reborn

in spring

starting to search

the end of the road

for the coin

they had lost

looking again for . . .


Popi Aroniada is a Greek poet and author who for the last fifteen years has published  in various literary magazines and poetry anthologies in Greece and abroad. She has published six poetry collections and one novel, and has a selection of short stories about to be published. She has received distinctions and awards in national and international poetry competitions. She is the Secretary of the Board of the Poet Circle of Greece.
Katerina Angelaki Rooke was a distinguished Greek poet and translator who passed away in January of 2020.




Compiled/Published by LeRoy Chatfield
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