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Dariusz Pacak, Polish Poet, Vienna 2008


10th Anniversary Syndic Literary Journal Honors

Polish Poet Dariuz Pacak


Please meet Dariusz Pacak. 

I could  live two lifetimes and never meet  someone like Dariuz Pacak,  fortunately, I met him during  my one and only lifetime.

Truth be told, it is more accurate to write that I never personally met Dariusz, rather it was Dariusz who met the Syndic Literary Journal in March 2011 and became a regular literary contributor. And not only a contributor but because of his background provided an immediate and personal  Syndic-connection to poets, photographers and artists around the world and also  connection to several highly regarded Polish poets (now deceased) whose work I published at his request.

You ask me how Dariuz Pacak found my diminutive and   fledgling California-based Syndic Literary Journal from his home in Vienna?  I cannot say, I do not know.

It is impossible to categorize Pacak, even though Polish Poet, I’m sure, would be   his preference ~ but for  my part,  I would add: World Traveler Extraordinaire;  Scholar; Photographer; Writer; Narrator;  Activist; Humanitarian.

Believe me, Darius Pacak  is unique, one of a kind!  I invite you to review his seven Syndic literary contributions and judge for yourself.

You will not be disappointed!

~  LeRoy Chatfield, Publisher Syndic Literary Journal, 2020



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Syndic No.9  ~ June 2013

What Did You Do To Athens, Socrates?


Dariusz Pacak Responds

To Syndic Literary Journal


Thank you!  ~  My Poem











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