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!!    Breaking News Update  !!

Just hours before publication of Syndic No.47, I received 2 poems from Bill Wolak written by his friend and poet, Dmytro Chystiak, who lives in Kiev Ukraine.

As you well know, for almost a month Kiev has been  under constant indiscriminate  bombardment by Russia designed to slaughter its people into submission.

To express our solidarity with the people of Ukraine we begin Syndic No.47 with these two poems from Kiev Ukraine – “Living Land” and “I Carried Evening Lilac To You”.

Syndic Literary Journal will soon publish a series of Special Issues devoted to Ukraine

~ LeRoy Chatfield Publisher Syndic Literary Journal



This issue,  Syndic No.47  ~ “International Poets” ~ would not be possible without the leadership of  Syndic Poet, Bill Wolak, and his two Syndic colleagues, Poets Kristine Doll and Jamie Proctor-Xu.

In just 4 Syndic International issues, they have published 132 poems from 65 poets living in 17 countries.

In a world already  turned upside-down by Covid, and now more recently,  by the barbarous invasion of Ukraine by Russia, who can predict anything?  We must rely on the Poets of the world to guide us. 

Thanks to the dedication and hard work,  Poets Bill Wolak, Kristine Doll and Jamie Proctor-Xu, are pleased to present these 14 poets in the International issue of Syndic No.47.

~ LeRoy Chatfield, Publisher Syndic Literary Journal.


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