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Syndic No.46 ~ International Poets

Syndic No. 46


December 2021


“International Poets”


Compiled by Poets: Bill Wolak,

Kristine Doll & Jamie Proctor-Xu

Published by LeRoy Chatfield


Table of Contents


Letter from the Publisher

Healing  ~  Paola Pennecchi    (Italy)

Small Fort  ~  Mariko Sumikura  (Japan)

Love  ~  Dorit Weisman  (Israel)

Hope  ~  Popi Aaroniada  (Greece)

As Much Water . . .   ~  Rajesh Pandya  (India)

I Want to Hope  ~ Paola Pennecchi   (Italy)

His Last Portrait   ~  Marius Chelaru  (Romania)

Vision  ~ Leokadia Komaisko  (Poland)

Slipping By  ~  Elin ap Hywel (UK Welsh)

When We Die  ~ Kristina Ehin  (Estonia)

This Language of Mine  ~  Vilma Tapia Anaya  (Bolivia)

They Are a Gust of Wind  ~  Livia Viitol  (Estonia)

Snowflakes Have Floated All Night  ~  Feng Yan  (China)

Encountering Fog on Mount Jiuhua  ~  Li Li  (China)

Don’t Forget the Wildness  ~ Mariko Sumikura  (Japan)

Bread   ~  Dorit Weisman  (Israel)

Completely Naked  ~  Popi  Aaroniada  (Greece)

Sky   ~  Rajesh Pandya  (India)

A Kind of World We Live In Somehow   ~  Marius Chelaru  (Romania)

The Heart of the Earth  is on Fire   ~   Leokadia Komaisko   (Poland)

East Wind   ~  Elin ap Hywel  (UK Welsh)

I Am the Big Drowsy Queen Bee   ~  Kristina Ehin  (Estonia)

Butterflies  ~  Vilma Tapia Anaya (Bolivia)

In The Darkening Watery Mirror   ~  Livia Viitol  (Estonia)

October 2006  Tao Yuanming  ~   Li Li  (China)





Compiled/Published by LeRoy Chatfield
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