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“Girl of Peace” ~ Table of Contents ~ Syndic No.31 

August 2020  ~ Published by LeRoy Chatfield


LeRoy Chatfield   ~  Syndic Dedication to Taki Yuriko

Taki Yuriko   ~  “Vacant Seat”  (English)

Taki Yuriko   ~  “Vacant Seat”   (Japanese)

LeRoy Chatfield  ~  “For Raping”

Rasha Monsour   ~   “A Few Drops of Blood”

Britta Kollberg    ~   “Rumpelstilskin”

J.Lois Diamond   ~   “Moon Landing”

Martha Patterson   ~   “Space”

Jennifer Lagier    ~   “Hard”

LeRoy Chatfield    ~   “Letter from the Publisher  ~  Announcement”

Jennifer Lagier   ~   “Chain Store Hell”

Rasha Monsour   ~  “Schizophrenia”

Catherine Sevenau  ~  Narrative  “A Defining Moment”

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Table of Contents

Compiled/Published by LeRoy Chatfield
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