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Syndic No.31 ~ 2020 Martha Patterson ~ “Space”



Martha Patterson


As cozy as it is

To be surrounded by my things

Old magazines,

My books,

That tatty purple sweater


I love nothing better

Than releasing,

To toss unused, unread things,

The old, the stale, the damaged

And move on into “space.”


Today I cleaned the fridge –

Took bags out to the curb,

And felt renewed and free

From that detritus,

All that trashy stuff.


But I had regrets –

That purple sweater

That my mother loved

And gave me on my birthday –

Now it’s gone forever.


Why couldn’t I have saved

One last memento from her?

She died years ago,

And I won’t know that top again,

Folded in my drawers.



Compiled/Published by LeRoy Chatfield
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