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Photography by Mukesh Srivastava

Photography: Nature

by Mukesh Srivastava



Thanks to the reach of the Internet, the Syndic Literary Journal found the marvelous – and world class – portfolio of Indian photographer, Mukesh Srivastava. Asked if he would publish his photographs in Syndic – without hesitation, Mr. Srivastava agreed to do so. This presentation entitled, “Nature”  will be the first of four exhibits planned for subsequent issues. – LeRoy Chatfield

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THREE’S A CROWD  /  © Mukesh Srivastava

DRAGONFLY ON CACTUS / © Mukesh Srivastava

A MOMENT IN TIME / © Mukesh Srivastava

CRAWLING ON FLOWER PETAL / © Mukesh Srivastava

BUDS AND BUTTERFLY / © Mukesh Srivastava

STUDY OF GREEN ANT #3 / © Mukesh Srivastava

GOLDEN MORNING LIGHT / © Mukesh Srivastava

TAKE OFF / © Mukesh Srivastava

THIRST / © Mukesh Srivastava


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Indian Photographer Mukesh Srivastava made a successful foray into the digital arena, embarked on a new journey a little less that half a decade back and this journey has seen him win critical acclaim and accolade from across over the globe. A true craftsman of the lens, Mukesh feels that “Photography involves seeing through the lens of the camera, but truly seeing has many different dimensions. We see with the inner eye, the eye of the artist that is innate in each individual.” (email) [email protected] (website)
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