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Letter From The Publisher by LeRoy Chatfield

Letter From The Publisher

Welcome to Syndic No.5

Syndic Literary Journal is beginning to discover its multimedia voice . . . literally.

Authors Catherine Sevenau, Juan Lara, Jacquelin Ewing, Judy Darling, Chris Giovacchini, Stan Yogi, Leslie Edwards and Paul Pera narrate their compositions;  poets Dariusz Pacak, Nina Serrano, Ada Aharoni, Adrienne Wolfert, Judy Darling, Abe Henselyn  Kate Mullikin and Anna Maria Mickiewicz read their poetry; Elaine Whitman and Catherine Sevenau read the poetry of Halina Poswiatowska; and San Francisco’s North Beach Tourmeister, Harvey Hunt, narrates a virtual tour of North Beach’s Broadway & Columbus Street intersection.  In my view, this new and creative use of voice as an integral part of Syndic’s presentation is a welcome – and important – addition.

Again, Syndic No.5, is pleased to include the work of international authors/artists: photographer Mukesh Srivastava (India), poet Dariusz Pacak (Poland/Austria), poet TAKI Yuriko (Japan), artist Lena Jurikowa (Germany), poet Ada Aharoni (Israel), poet R.K. Singh (India), filmmaker Anna Sophie Loewenberg (China), story writers Don and Leslie Edwards (Mexico), Anna Maria Mickiewicz (England), Maurus Young (France) and a retrospective of the late poet, Halina Poswiatwoska (Poland).

The original Syndic, published in San Francisco from 1958 to 1960, numbered five issues before it ceased publication. Fifty years later, the resurrected Syndic Literary Journal is just beginning to hit stride with No.5 and has set it sights on the promised land of Syndic No.10!  Stay tuned.

Happy Holidays / Merry ChristmasHappy New Year !

LeRoy Chatfield / Publisher / Syndic Literary Journal


Syndic No. 5 Dedication

Syndic No. 5 is dedicated to the memory of Syndic story writer, Don Edwards, my high school classmate and lifetime friend of sixty-one years, who passed away on August 15, 2011 in Ajijic (Jalisco) Mexico. It was with Don’s enthusiastic and affirming encouragement that I decided to resurrect the 50-year old Syndic Literary Journal.

Don, this one’s for you!

“Where Two or More of You are Gathered in my Name”

Where two or more of you
are gathered together in
my name, there I am in
The midst of you.

Today there are two and
more of you

I wonder how I might send
you the warmth of this
moment – a tender blend
of gifts, a bit of tenderness.

Even if I am a myth, not quite
what was written of my God,
I was a fine madness in my sight,
I lived and died and wished. Odd —

–  Don Edwards  1981


2012 Publication Schedule

Syndic will be published April 2012, August 2012 & November 2012.  Submission deadlines are 30 days prior to the publication date. Submissions are welcome and should be sent to: [email protected]  Submissions using the “spoken word” are highly encouraged.

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