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I Want to Hope

Written by Paola Pennecchi

Translated from the Italian by Luigi Bonaffini

Narrated by Bill Wolak


I want to hope

like the leaves

that whirl

in autumn

leaving branches bare

kissed by the promise of

silent rebirth.


I want to hope

like the torrent’s

icy banks

where life

will bud

or the animal

in its lair

that finds

upon reawakening

the opening

towards that blinding light.


We need to believe

in this sudden miracle

that resets

all that’s pending

and echoes


at last


in the festive


of bells.


Paola Pennecchi, was born and lives in Milan. Her poetry has been published in Italian anthologies and literary magazines. Her poetry collection, TRASLOCHI, was published in a bilingual (Italian/English) edition. She has worked as an editor and editorial consultant for Mondadori, Collins, New International Media and other publishing groups. Creator and organizer of poetry events in synergy with the Mitomodernista movement, she is the co-founder of the international Poetry and Discovery movement and consultant at La Casa della Poesia in Milan. Pennecchi participates in Italian and International literary festivals and poetry readings,  among which the Mihai Eminescu International Poetry Festival in Craiova, Romania.
Luigi Bonaffini has translated over fourteen books. He is the editor of the Journal of Italian Translation and  is Tow Professor of Italian language and literature at Brooklyn College. He lives in Brooklyn, New York.




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