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Letter from the Publisher

Letter from the Publisher

by LeRoy Chatfield

 Syndic No.2 contains thirty-six chapters, up from twenty-four in the first issue, contains a wider variety of offerings, and (I hope) is better presented.  

I have been asked by several readers/viewers, “Who is the audience for Syndic?”  My response is, “millions, many millions of Americans.”

As I see it, the Syndic virtual audience is composed of those of us who are overwhelmed and struck dumb by the mass entertainment culture created to fill the 24/7 Internet vacuum   – texting viewed as conversation; twittering as discourse; body-piercing and tattoos as an art form; in-your-face nudity as performance art;  sex-hijinks of airbrushed celebrities as career lifestyle;  TV reality shows as drama;  idle  chit-chat on facebook as friendship;  richly paid shouting radio and cable heads fomenting racial hatred as paragons of free speech; the list goes on.

For this weary audience, Syndic will be a tall glass of cool refreshing water, a breath of fresh air, and  a small but pleasing online oasis. The question is: will any of this disaffected audience ever find Syndic?

In the short term – to be honest – the Syndic audience is primarily composed of my friends and colleagues, those of its literary contributors, and their friends and colleagues, and their friends and colleagues, and so on, as far as it goes.  Audience is important, but not the most important. What matters most for me is the satisfaction of knowing/believing that for its own sake, publishing Syndic is an online baby step  in a civilized and thoughtful direction – let a thousand Syndics bloom!

Again, I put out the welcome mat for authors/artists of all stripes to submit their work for publication. For planning, it is helpful if I receive early notice of a planned submission – and the advice about the early bird is ever true.

Syndic No.3 will be published in March 2011, the submission deadline is February 15. To submit work or contact the publisher: [email protected]  To become an online Syndic subscriber, email: [email protected]  – no charge, no registration, no buying, no selling, and no travel bonus points!

My special thanks to the authors/artists whose work made Syndic No.2 a reality.

Have a nice Friday.

LeRoy Chatfield / Publisher


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