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Haiga, Haiku & Poetry by Neal & Elaine Whitman

Haiga, Haiku & Poetry


 Haiga by Neal & Elaine Whitman

"Wherever we are / We promise to make it home / Basho in hand"

Haiga Bench / Photograph by Elaine Whitman


Poetry by Neal Whitman


New Camaldoli Hermitage Retreat Directions


Direction #1.

stop swatting

at each buzz:

most flybys

well, they fly by



Direction #2.

sit still:

under the deck

a critter goes-stops-goes

so let it go



Direction #3.

listen up:

in the bush

if a twitter

a spotted towhee will appear



follow the path:

against the pine tree

a walking stick



 Winter Solstice on Monterey Bay




       high sky

    grey clouds spun

  bring me to the shore.

The year beginning once again.


In the tidal pool limpets

squat on rocks, each in a spot…

a shallow pit made to fit.

How to withstand the waves?

Offer little resistence.


Before the tide turns, let’s sit tight.

  Time to watch the sun.






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