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Resistance Essay by Aju Mukhopadhay

Resistance Essay

By Aju Mukhopadhay


To the 45th US President

When power conferred by statute and pride

Rotting in the mind makes a man blind

He forgets his limitations and leaves

History, heritage, rights and liabilities behind;

He becomes unsympathetic to others’ entreaties

Drives out Salvadorans and other immigrants

Forgetting that at one time as descendant of Europeans

Venturing into the Newland he too was one of the illegal intruders

Who drove out or drowned in the sea the native dwellers;

Real Americans erroneously called Red Indians,  

He forgets that he is a representative of his race

That extremely ill treated the Africans slaves.


Your predecessors the founding fathers of great American civilization

Remembered how they had come and expanded their regime;

Slave trade was abolished and ill treatment stopped in the course of time

Black people were honored as a result of their movements and demand

Your predecessors acceded and invited other humans to their land

 To build a Pan-American civilization

Thus the United States has become one of the most powerful Nations.     


Even before your emergence as the 45th President

You began making undue hullabaloo, almost inconscient

Shouting foul-mouthed at some other heads of countries

Boasting of possessing much bigger nuclear arsenals

Than available in their armories

Thereby trying to prove your country’s supremacy

Demanding that most of them should remain without nuclear capability;

It’s puerile, incongruous desire which gives birth to nuclear threat

Naturally you are shouted at in turn by the other States.

Understanding that individual brutal force at the present world stage

In larger context, does not give a commandable advantage,

 Though in your country many a criminal gunner  

Without much control over possessing such arms kills and create terror,

You are compelled to stop shouting and take reconciliatory measures.

It has been noticed that you ridicule foreign leaders you dislike

While commending those of your ilk

You always give threat to other countries which do not follow your trail

Like hastily declaring Jerusalem the capital of Israel

You threat your own country’s responsible incumbents bold

Your tendency is to cow down others and take hold

Of things by force giving rise to an idea of forceful domination

Of others, reminiscent of Ku-Klux-Klan though not exactly of

Nazism and Fascism which you might embrace

In favorable circumstance;   

Whereas your country is a leading contributor of Green House Gas

A polluter causing Global Warming and Climate Change, changing earth’s face

Whereas the world expects generous contribution of funds from such a rich nation  

Towards mitigating pollution and further promise of reducing emission

You suddenly rescinded the Paris Climate Agreement avoiding all responsibilities;

Can you as US President shake off your duties to shave cost, deny all past events

While continuing to remain one of the largest polluters of earth’s environment?

Every dictator declares himself a patriot

Repeats his country’s interest like a parrot.   

While you show your rough command over others

They tell of the other traits of your character

Like you had many relationships illicit and serious

With women of dignity, women of red light areas

On the whole your attitude immensely differs from your predecessors.

In spite of all such facts which many a people abhors

It must be admitted that the vital capacity of a hero

With mental strength and physical prowess that you show

If rightly used with humanitarian attitude

Could raise your country to a higher altitude.   





Compiled/Published by LeRoy Chatfield
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