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Resistance! By Warren Lee Nair



by Warren Lee Nair




When you have a goal,

A dream,

A vision,

 Of who you want to be in life and what you want to achieve,

The people around you will say:

I don’t think you can do it, you don’t have the experience!


Others have failed and you won’t be any different,


You won’t be given the time of day,


You don’t have the qualifications,


You need the right contacts!


It’s impossible! It takes a person with talent,


You are not gifted!

Resist the urge to listen.


Do not waste time and energy with people who feel they have accomplished something

By influencing you to remain in your same situation.

Resist the hold the naysayers  have over you.


Rather, gift yourself,

Gift yourself tunnel vision, eyes focused on your prize.

Pay no attention to the negativity outside your tunnel,

Or  the backward comments in the opposite lane.

Travel the road to success alone.


Gift yourself a work ethic,

Keep your head down

Be the first in and last out,

Push yourself, not for awards or bonuses or a bigger office,

Do it for you.


Gift yourself patience

If achievement came easily, success would happen overnight.

If you win today, then what?

Would you really feel as if you have accomplished anything in life?

The journey is the most important part.

It”s not about winning, it’s about endurance.


Gift yourself knowledge

Learn at least one new thing every day,

A new rule for doing business,

An historical fact from a bubblegum wrapper,

A personal truth.

Remember knowledge is power, which can never be taken away,

It is the fuel for your journey.


Pot of Gold


In my country

We live the lie

Of a rainbow nation,

Twenty four years going on

Since our country’s rebirth

Racist taunts and innuendos

Are heard in too many conversations


The colours have faded

But the shades are still relevant

More important

Than experience or qualifications

Its racism

In a so-called democracy,

On social networks and television

Without hypocrisy,

How can this be?

This is not the way

To fulfill Ntata’s dream


And it keeps going back and forth

Amidst violent outbursts

Court appearances and lawsuits,

Everyone has something to say

Most people make excuses

And bring up the past

Refusing to move forward

Rather live as a coward

Hiding behind an injustice

Committed more than two decades ago


Take a stand

Even if you have to do it alone,

Amongst racial slurs

The threats of violence

Be the one saying no


Taunt me, tease me

I won’t stoop down to that level,

Slinging disrespect and hurt at each other

Won’t bring us closer to heaven,

Dragging our nation ten steps back

It doesn’t matter if you are

White, brown or black

As God said

All men are created equal

Accept one another

Regardless of colour

For their good works,

Resist the evil.


Compiled/Published by LeRoy Chatfield
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