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Something About Blue

Written & Narrated

by Chris Giovacchini


Warm Caribbean breeze blue, South Seas blue, North Pacific blue, 

Adriatic Blue, Red Sea blue, Belize blue, Hanalei blue, Roatán blue,


Blue frame around iridescent white froth of waves breaking over coral shoals.

Translucent blue, lapping a frond of pulverized coal sand. 

Coconut trees extending tendrils against jet stream blue.

 To say deep, seems trite, empty, shallow. 

To compare and contrast shades is futile. 


The nuances are ever changing, ever wondrous. 

Gradients of the spectrum, ad infinitum, 


Melancholy blue, is coming at the end. 


Rather joyful, magical hues that shimmer and mirror a greater fluid, energetic God.  

Like, “International Klien Blue,” which Yves Klien extravagantly brewed and  fermented 

To express something on canvas.


Like, Miles Davis’ “Kind of Blue” which simmers in that ultramarine state.


Briny blue, home to an infinity of hydro spirits whose flamboyant forms mock 

Color coordination theory with seemingly garish color schemes and sharply 

Contrasting patterns that delight the undersea voyeur and harmonize in blue perfection. 


Each one, a mirror image of some whimsical God that conjured him up. 

Perhaps mere atoms palpating in a blue heart, expanding in blue lungs,    

Inside a blue star that moves along blue entrails, listens blue, sees blue, 

Speaks in blue tongues, regurgitates blue seeds, 

And hiccups blue bubbles in fields of undulating blue,


Looked upon in blue wonder through blue windows.


Blue world in blue danger, by oblivious blue souls, a blue wheel set in motion taking everyone, 

For a blue ride. Each blue year for a blue quarter century, fewer blue eels, fewer blue turtles, 

Fewer blue rays, fewer blue whales, fewer blue dolphins, fewer blue fin tuna, 


Dying coral blue, upon blue shores of a dying blue world, 

Climate change denial blue, witnessed by a blue man with a heavy blue heart, 

Blue tears form blue words, and frame a desperate deep blue plea,


Can’t we stop the deep blue tragedy?




Compiled/Published by LeRoy Chatfield
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