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Poem ∼ “Remembering 9/11” by Patricia Carragon

Patricia Carragon

“Reach Out For The Moment”

I look into the water’s eyes,

see your face

where mine ought to be.

It rises to the surface,

diverts me from a future

hidden in uncertainty.

Your kindness mesmerizes––

my tears, welcomed guests.

Your voice rises from the water,

tears this veil spun from sadness.

You speak of life after death,

of mending a damaged spirit,

of how innocence erases time

from the hourglass of life,

of a world reborn

in love and freedom,

untouched by history’s impact

where sorrow rose from smoke.

I watch the smoke fade

as light cuts its veil.


we leave history

by the harbor doorstep.

We reach out for the moment,

touch in light’s seduction.

We rise as one entity,

we resurrect as love.





Compiled/Published by LeRoy Chatfield
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