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Letter From The Publisher by LeRoy Chatfield


GUITAR FACE by J. Petway / In 1998, I purchased this guitar face from a homeless artist who told me he created this work by using a broken coke bottle as a magnifying glass and the heat generated by the rays of the sun to burn the image onto to the guitar face. Artist uses nature to create art! Simply amazing! – LeRoy Chatfield

Letter from the Publisher

by LeRoy Chatfield

Welcome to Syndic No. 12!

When I resurrected Syndic Literary Journal from its 1960 demise, I predicted it would take 10 issues before I would know whether this multimedia online literary journal met a “felt need” for talented authors/artists at home and abroad.  In the interim it certainly met my needs but that would not suffice over the long haul.

My prediction was not accurate!  It took 12 issues before I became convinced that Syndic’s unique online literary presentation was real, not a fantasy, and could lay claim that it served the publication needs of talented authors/artists of all stripes.  No.12 has been under siege by the number of submissions, so much so, I was forced to adopt new submission rules – only complete submissions would be accepted for publication review!

Here are the guidelines for making a complete submission to Syndic Literary Journal   >  HOW TO MAKE A SYNDIC SUBMISSION

 Syndic No. 13 will be published July 1, 2015 (the submission deadline is: June 1, 2015).  Only complete submissions can be reviewed for publication.  The number of chapters will be capped at 35 and with the ever-increasing number of submissions,  publication space will be limited; I urge all authors/artists seeking publication not to wait until the June 2015 deadline!


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