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Answer To Nazim Hikmet

by Dante Maffia

Translated from Italian by Mariko SumikuraWritten

Narrated by Bill Wolak


Is it true that we have not yet lived

the most beautiful of our days,

as the Turkish lover says?

I think the opposite, and I think

that other and other days will come

to confirm with greater love

what we have already lived.

Because the strength of our kisses is

so intense and so well woven

that we have neither the space for a sigh

or a space which can cause a loss.

We love each other like entangled waves

which cut through the sea

and are total anxiety which reinvents itself.

Everytime we live the maximum of fury and of abandon.

What waits for us?

That dream repeats itself without crumbling,

without losing strength?

We have already lived the happiest of our days

and then we shall live them again

multiplying the intensity everytime,

absorbed in the fury and ecstasy.

We are breath which exchanges life, and our life

is life which shouts and says that we are love, love, love.

We have already lived everything,

we can only multiply the orgasm of soul,

let God listen to it to make him jealous.

We know that well.


Dante Maffìa is one of the most renowned contemporary Italian poets. Recently, the University of Craiova, Romania, nominated him for the Nobel Prize.
Mariko Sumikura is one of Japan’s greatest poetesses and one of the finest translators of English and Italian texts into Japanese.





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