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September 2021

Compiled/Published by LeRoy Chatfield


Table of Contents

Letter from the Publisher

Artwork  ~ “12 Famous Women”  ~  Cheryl DeCiantis   (Arizona)

ProsePoems  ~ “Yakety Yak”  &  Audition” ~ David Giannini   (Massachusetts)

Poem  ~ “Slow Elegy (for Joan)”   ~ Dov Rose  (Washington State)

Narration   ~  “Mary ‘n Battis”   ~ Richard Baldwin Cook  ~ (Maryland)

Song  ~ “Alberta Bound”   ~ Michael Lee Johnson   (Illinois)

Poem  ~  “Weeping in the Promised Land”  ~ Jennifer Lagier   (California)

Poem  ~ “Gongoozling”  ~ Charles Rammelkamp  (Maryland)

Artwork  ~ “Rorschach Drawings”  ~  Francis Poole   (Delaware)

Poem  ~ “Happy Birthday Gale Bataille”  ~ Bill Berkowitz   (California)

Poem  ~ “7-8 October 1943”  ~  Tony Dawson  (Spain)

Poem ~ “Tell Me the Truth”  ~  Laura Fisk   (Wales)

Poem  ~  Incident At the Local Target    ~ Bob Cooperman   (Colorado)

 Artwork   ~  Collage  ~  Bill Wolak   (New Jersey)

2 Narrative Poems   ~  Stanley H. Barkan   (New York)

Ancestor Stories  ~ Catherine Sevenau  (California)

Photography    ~  Carlos Ramos   (Portugal)

Poem  ~ “Thing on my Chest”  ~ Roger Netzer  (Connecticut)

Story  ~  “Lines, or  A Portrait Contemplates Its Audience”  ~  Nitin Jagdish   (Maryland)

Poem  ~ “Where I’m From”  ~ Kaley Vides  (Maryland)


New Easy Essays

Easy Essays Resurrected

Another Birthday on the Horizon

Not Like Vern and Shirley

China & United States Covid Comparison

What’s In a Name?


Table of Contents

Compiled/Published by LeRoy Chatfield
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