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Syndic No.43 ~ Letter from the Publisher

Letter from the Publisher

Welcome to Syndic No. 43.

As promised, here is a more manageable-sized Syndic issue that some of my daughters would characterize as “age appropriate” – my age, of course, not theirs.

With all due modesty, I tell you Syndic No.43   is a  “very strong” literary  issue!  Every chapter – whether artwork, narration, poetry or story  – is very well done and can stand alone on its own literary  merits, and taken together make for an outstanding Syndic issue.

I thank the authors, artists and narrators for sending Syndic such good work to publish. 

Good literary work, all of it ~ thank you!

I hope our Syndic audience will enjoy Syndic No.43 as much as I have.

Thank you for your interest in Syndic Literary Journal, I appreciate it!

LeRoy Chatfield, Publisher



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