Anneke’s Haven ~ Pets of the Homeless
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Anneke’s Haven ~ Pets of the Homeless

Anneke Vos

“Anneke Vos devoted twenty years of her life serving and caring for homeless pets at Sacramento Loaves & Fishes, a charitable organization dedicated to feeding the hungry and sheltering the homeless. A week before her new kennel facility  was finished, Anneke passed away at age 86. Loaves & Fishes completed the work and opened the kennel  – now christened: “Anneke’s Haven”  – on February 23, 2011. Professional photographer, Anne Chadwick Williams, a lifetime dog lover herself,  was present to create these priceless portraits.”       ~ LeRoy Chatfield (Executive Director Emeritus)


Angela & Lucille


Jeff & Nudge 

Denise & Junior

Joanne & Danny Boy 


Michael & Leonard

Peggy Sue & Tiger


Tex & Mia


Wesley & Afrodite



Compiled/Published by LeRoy Chatfield
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